Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chapter 2

Rai just got off the bus when he felt something awry, as if someone was watching him from a distance. He discreetly looked around him, trying to see if it was just the usual mugger or pickpocket looking for easy pickings, but there was no one around paying him any attention. At 5'4", at first glance he seems to be an easy target for anyone. After all, what decent small-time criminal would pass on a target like him? he was short, overweight with a belly that was more than obvious. He was definitely no ladies man, but then again most things are not what they seem... He was not a demigod for sure, his height alone was proof of that. But there was something about him that was not quite right that non can put their finger on.... Unfortunately that went for him as well...

Shrugging the feeling off and considering it as a figment of his imagination, he simply went on his way. But a short distance away, the tribal god Bathala watched him with a scrutinizing eye... "What are you really?" said the god. Being relegated to myths and simple folklore, the once powerful god was now weak with lack of worship. Most of his worshippers have steadily been converted to the Christian faith, weakening his powers by a huge factor. he had to ask foraid from the last of the Atlanteans to even help him with this, but if he was right...

This kid he was watching could be something he hasn't seen for hundreds, if not thousands of years.... He felt it, he saw such promise in Rai when he was a kid, wise beyond his years with infinity at his fingertips. But the Daimon menace was reaching his shores, and of the Philippine gods he alone had the power to do something about this.

And this short, overweight, pathetic-looking kid was his last hope.... The thought alone made him shudder, He only hoped that he was right. Or else, his country was going straight to hell in a hand basket. This is going to be hell to get over, and he was definitely sure about that. pathetic as the kid seemed, he felt that that guys had almost the same level of latent power as a nuclear power plant... If not more.

But the question was, how was he supposed to make Rai believe him, let alone train him, when the guy barely believes in anything other than Science?

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