Friday, November 2, 2012

Chapter 6: REALLY pissed off

Chapter 6: REALLY pissed off

"This is really not my week", Ryan thought to himself...  he just fought the other night, and now the same mugger is on him, with company. "I am getting you back for last time, bitch!" the mugger said with relish... this time he had a gun with him, plus two lackeys. Ryan gave the man some credit, so the man did have the capacity to learn. Now he was facing a gun, and two butterfly knives, one for each lackey. "Give us your bag, your phone, and everything you have on you" the mugger demanded. Ryan raised an eyebrow on that comment. "Are you sure you want me to give you everything I have?". "Quit stalling! What are you going to do against three guys and a gun, you bastard? And after this, I'm going to I'm going to make you scream like the bitch we had last night". Ryan knew what the mugger was talking about, he saw it on the news earlier that day. A co-ed was brutally raped, then killed the night before, killed with a cinder clock to her face. That set his blood to a boil. "Okay, you can have what you want. Here you go", Ryan said with a deceptive calm. he assessed his opponents. The idiot with the gun was in front of him by about three steps, one lackey on his right, and the last one was behind him, ready to stick the knife at his back. He slowly took the strap over his head, and was ready to take action. He smiled, letting his restraints go, getting ready to give the man exactly what he asked for... Everything he had.

"Here you go, everything I have, right?" He tossed  his bag to the man's face, effectively blocking the man's vision. He simultaneously leaped forward, to his left, grabbing the gun and delivering a punch to the man's throat. Immediately he leaped away to his side, turning in mid-air to face the other two. He had the gun, but he wasn't going to use it just yet. He was going to give them exactly what they asked for...

Both lackeys ran for him, he sidestepped the first one as the man tried to stab him, his hand coming up from below the fist lackey's arm, much like a right cross in boxing, to deliver an open-handed uppercut to the man's chin. Thinking he had the opportunity, the second lackey attacked as the first crumpled to his knees. It was a straightforward stab, Ryan simply twisted his body, deflected the hand holding the knife with his left hand while his right elbow met the second lackey's nose. As the second lackey staggered back, he delivered a kick to the first lackey's head, knocking him out cold. The second again attacked,but the knife was simply deflected and he ended up stabbing himself in the chest. Ryan gave him a knee to the groin, grabbed the man by his hair, and delivered a chop to his throat, causing him to collapse, gasping for air. Satisfied that the lackeys were out of commission, he slowly stalked his way back to the mugger. It was over in less than a minute, the mugger's eyes wide with fear and surprise... He tried to push himself back, but it was futile. Ryan checked the gun, it was a semi-automatic. The hammer was cocked by hand, but the chamber was empty, the magazine full. He slid the magazine back, pulled back the slide, and smiled as he heard the of the slide go back to its place, a bullet loaded into the chamber. he fired once, straight between the man's thighs, below his privates. He smiled a sadistic smile, letting what he truly was be seen by the man before him. He showed the man, through his eyes, what he truly is. "Wha-what the fuck are you, you bastard?!?" the mugger practically shouted. He slowly walked towards the man, put the business end of the gun inside the mugger's mouth, and calmly, said this with words, with a smile. "You are I are going to talk... You will follow what I say to the letter. Or else..." "Or else, what?"

Ryan closed his eyes, and opened it, letting the mugger see what he tried so hard to restrain. The mugger froze in terror at what he saw, eyes wide and sweating profusely. "Do you really want to see me angry?" Ryan said with a smile...

The Officers in front of the station were perplexed as a man, came, rushing towards them. "I raped and killed the girl on the news, the brunette coed, that was me... Please arrest me! Now!" The cops were simply baffled, "you sure you want to confess to that, bud? That's no simple crime and if this is a prank we will have you-" "This is not a prank!" the man said in a shrill scream. I did it, and my cohorts are just around the corner of your building, still unconscious... Arrest us now, PLEASE!" Okay, but be advised that-" "I don't care! just arrest me now, before he changes his mind and comes back for us!!!" The officer nodded, "okay, sergeant, take this man in for questioning. Take his statement. Have Larry meet us around the corner to see if the cohorts this guy said are still there..."

The 7PM TV news
"A man and his two cohorts were arrested today by the police in connection to the brutal rape and murder of the coed found yesterday morning. Apparently, the perpetrators, according to the police, rushed in to the precinct with his unconscious cohorts in tow. The man gave exact details as to the crime and confessed as to the commission. His cohorts also confessed once they regained consciousness... What has the police baffled, aside from the fact that the criminals gave themselves up, is that the criminals, specially their leader, appeared terrified. Asking the police to keep the light on on to keep them away from, and I quote. 'a short brown man, with fire in his eyes and moves like lightning'. Apparently the criminals are also asking for a priest to be with them round-the-clock for 'safety reasons'. And on other news..."